Dale Kardos & Associates, Inc. offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date regulatory and legislative tracking reports available. Our monthly tracking reports are subscribed to by dozens of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and trade associations.

The Reg Update is a regulatory tracking matrix that provides the status of nearly 250 U.S., Canadian and California safety, emissions and fuel economy regulations. For each rulemaking, the Reg Update provides electronic links to the latest official publications and includes information concerning comment period deadlines, anticipated future actions, projected implementation dates, and docket submissions. So that you can quickly identify what's new and important, deadlines and critical path items are color-coded. In addition to being an excellent tool for tracking regulatory activity, the Reg Update is a great archive of past actions.

The U.S. Safety, Emissions & Fuel Economy Regulatory & Legislative Update summarizes the past month's legislative and regulatory activity concerning motor vehicle safety, emissions and fuel economy issues. The report provides brief summaries of and electronic links to key Federal Register notices, Congressional bills, public laws, NHTSA interpretation letters, recall listings, defect reports, NCAP test results, etc. This report provides a terrific snapshot of the past month's safety & fuel economy activities and, like the Reg Update, it can be a valuable resource when archived.

Finally, a third monthly report tracks all federal legislation affecting the auto industry.

These reports are available individually or as a set. Please contact us for pricing.