Launched in 2008, MotorVehicleRegs.COM provides the motor vehicle industry with the latest news concerning North American motor vehicle emissions, safety and fuel economy regulations and legislation. MotorVehicleRegs.COM utilizes the latest blogging software from TypePad to archive each posting by category and date. Users can thus review either the very latest postings, postings by category (e.g., federal safety legislation or NHTSA safety regulation), or by date. By subscribing to the site's feed, user's can stay abreast of the latest regulatory and legislative developments via their PDA. MotorVehicleRegs.COM also utilizes the Google Translator tool which allows users around the world to stay informed about what's happening in the U.S. with motor vehicle regulations regardless of whether or not they read English. MotorVehicleRegs.COM is a free site.

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