Dale Kardos, President & CEO

Dale Kardos has over twenty-four years of Washington experience working on regulatory issues affecting the auto, utility and housing industries. Dale entered the auto industry in 1989 when he went to work for the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers managing regulatory affairs. After spending five years at trade association, he formed his own firm in 1995, Dale Kardos & Associates, Inc., to assist major motor vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and trade associations in confronting U.S and Canadian safety, emissions and fuel economy regulations and legislation. Dale has an extensive knowledge of North American regulatory requirements and a long list of contacts that allow him to assist clients in an effective and efficient manner.

Prior to entering the auto industry, Dale was employed with ERC International, a management consulting firm to the nuclear power industry, where he worked on licensing and rate case matters for the Philadelphia Electric Co., Texas Utilities Electric Co. and others. At ERC, he worked in Dallas, TX on the Comanche Peak project which was the last new nuclear power plant to be built and licensed in the U.S.

Dale's regulatory experience dates back to his initial work with the National Conference of States of Building Codes & Standards (NCSBCS) where, as Technical Affairs Manger, he helped develop the first commercial electronic database of U.S. building codes and standards. At the NCSBCS, he also assisted the U.S. Department of Energy in assessing codes and standards applicable to stationary fuel cells.

Dale has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from George Washington University.

He has been a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers since 1989.

He is married with two children and resides in northwest Washington, DC.